A downloadable game for Windows

Update: Managed to have the executable made. Also fixed some other things that weren't working in the previous build as well.

Play as a tank on a block of ice that protects you. Defeat enemies to increase score while collecting ice cubes to make the ice block bigger.

The ice block melts slowly overtime and every time you fire your bullets.


WASD - Movement

Mouse Pointer - Fire direction

Mouse Left Click - Fire Bullet

Hold shift - Increase Fire Rate

Made for JDE Mid-Summer Jam

Could've added more but I ended up spending too much time deciding between ideas. Had a hard time deciding whether to do a game about an ice block that eats smaller ice cubes to stay cool or a top-down shooter where the cooldown is the basically your health and you have to manage that. Eventually decided to do a fusion between these ideas.


Tank on Ice.zip 1 MB

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